Sales conditions


1.0 Right of withdrawal for consumers

1.1 When providing services, the consumer has the option to dissolve the contract without giving any reason during at least 14 (fourteen) days, starting on the day of entering into the contract.
1.2 In order to make use of his right of withdrawal, the consumer will focus on the reasonable and clear instructions provided by the entrepreneur with the offer and / or at the latest upon delivery.

2.0 General sales conditions

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all our sales and deliveries to the customer, subject to changes which both parties expressly agree in writing.


2.2 Any deviations are only valid for the sale to which they relate and cannot be invoked for any earlier or later orders.

2.3 These conditions automatically take precedence over the customer’s purchase conditions.

2.4 The possible nullity of one or more stipulations from these General Terms and Conditions of Sale does not affect the applicability of all other clauses.

2.5 All our prices are exclusive of VAT. All possible taxes, duties, postage, travel costs, delivery costs and other costs are borne by the buyer.

3.0 Payment

3.1 All our invoices must be paid either immediately upon receipt of the goods (cash or cash) or by agreement by means of payment within 7 calendar days to one of our accounts stated on the front of the invoice.

3.2 The buyer is not entitled to apply set-off against the seller or his legal successors with regard to claims arising from delivery in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

4.0 Late payment – default

4.1 After the maturity date, an interest rate of: the reference interest rate, plus seven (7) percentage points and rounded to the higher half percentage point, applies by operation of law and without notice of default.

4.2 If the buyer is in default of payment, the seller is not obliged to make further deliveries and the seller can decide to dissolve the agreement and demand compensation without judicial authorization and without prior notice of default.

4.3 In the event of non-payment of an invoice on the due date, the buyer expressly undertakes, in addition to the principal of the debt, the interest mentioned above and any collection costs as compensation to the seller to pay an amount equal to ten ten hundred (10 %) of unpaid invoice amounts, exclusive of VAT, with a minimum of fifty euros (€ 50.00), regardless of the seller’s right to claim higher compensation, with evidence of higher actual damage.

4.4 The non-payment of an invoice on the due date also implies the immediate exigibility of all outstanding invoices, even those that are not yet due, without taking into account previously permitted payment conditions.

4.5 The reservationless payment of part of the invoiced amount is considered as acceptance of the invoice.

4.6 Partial installments are accepted with all reservations and without any adverse recognition.

4.7 They are firstly allocated to any collection and / or legal costs incurred, then to the interest due, then to the fixed compensation and finally to the principal sum.

4.8 The application for bankruptcy, judicial reorganization, suspension of payment – not even officially established – or any other fact that indicates the insolvency of the buyer, means that the invoices relating to the services provided are immediately due and payable.

4.9 In this case, we reserve the right to cancel orders placed by simple notification to the buyer by registered letter, without being obliged to pay any compensation.

5.0 Return exchange

5.1 Sold goods can not be taken back or exchanged, unless explicit separate agreement.

6.0 Warranty

6.1 The warranty only counts on our property or until the buyer has accepted the material

7.0 Execution – delivery

7.1 The stated delivery times are only indicative.

7.2 Exceeding the foreseen execution or delivery terms can under no circumstances, except in case of intent or serious error on the part of the seller, entail the termination of the agreement or give rise to any compensation.

7.3 However, any delay in the execution of which the buyer would become aware will be notified to the buyer as soon as possible.

7.4 Changes to the order automatically result in the anticipated expected delivery times of the original order being canceled and replaced by the estimated expected delivery times of the new order.

7.5 Any costs of receipt of the goods are always at the expense of the buyer.

7.6 If the buyer refuses to take delivery of the ordered goods, the resulting costs, such as travel costs and storage costs, will be for his account.

7.7 When the goods are delivered, the buyer signs the invoice / delivery note for receipt.

7.8 Visible damage to the delivered goods must be stated immediately on the invoice / delivery note.

7.9 No complaints about this will be accepted later.

8.0 Transfer of ownership and risk:
8.1 All goods delivered to the buyer, even when used by him, remain the property of the seller until full payment of their price.

8.2 The buyer nevertheless bears the risk of damage, loss, destruction, theft and disappearance of the goods from the time the agreement is concluded.

8.3 If the order is resold by the buyer, then the right to the resulting sales price will replace the goods sold.

9.0 Competent court and applicable law


9.1 All disputes belong exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district of the seller, unless the seller resolves the dispute in accordance with article 624 Ger. Wb. competent courts.
9.2 Belgian law applies